Restrict access to all but approved websites

WebAllow is an Internet access control utility that allows only selected URLs to be displayed in Internet Explorer. Need a kiosk type computer that displays only one or several webpages and blocks the rest? This is a software for that. You may specify a list of "Allowed" URLs and block access to any other website with the help of WebAllow.

Use WebAllow as a kiosk software. Restrict all Internet Explorer browsing to ONE SITE only. Have a public computer at the store? Use it only to display your catalogue of products.

If your kid is playing flash games on a certain site and you a worried that he might click on an inappropriate add and start browsing questionable material, then this software is right for you. You may predefine list of "allowed" domain names, load them into this software, activate blocking and you may be sure that Internet Explorer will be able to show web pages only from websites listed on the approved list.



WebAllow 3.17